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Haircut, Blow-out, & Style:


  • Women - $45

  • Adopt a rescue pet from a local shelter and it's FREE!





  • Single Process (all-over) - $50

  • Partial Hi-light - $70

  • Full Hi-light - $88

  • Balayage - $90+

  • A-few-here-and-there Hi-light - $26+

  • Money Piece - $28

  • Add Blow-out & Style - $15





  • Blow-out & Style - $30

  • Deep conditioning treatment - $22

  • Keratin Complex Smoothing & Straightening Treatment and take-home products - $255

    • Coppola Keratin Express Blow-Out - $155

  • Gift certificates in any amount




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Keratin Complex Smoothing & Straightening treatment is a process that eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl from your hair, leaving it smooth, silky, and basically maintenance free.·


How does it work?

During the process, your hair cuticle is infused with keratin proteins. Keratin protein is natural and already exists in your hair, nails, and elsewhere in nature, such as spider silk.  It blocks humidity and other environmental toxins and is safe for color- and chemically-treated hair.  Heating your hair and adding more only makes it healthier time and time again!


Appointments last approximately three hours but could be different depending on hair length and thickness.  That’s not too long to spend for results that last 3-5 months!  Your hair will become the four S’s:  softer, silkier, shinier, and straighter.  Plus, david A. Hair does not make you pay extra for the take-home products!



  • Do not wet hair for 72 hours after treatment

  • Do not clip or tie hair for 72 hours after treatment

  • Do not receive treatment if you are pregnant or nursing

  • If you’ve recently had a different relaxation or straightening treatment, wait two weeks before receiving this Keratin Complex treatment

  • You won’t find a better price in Northeast Ohio!


*First-time customer discount does not apply to balayage or Keratin services



Well let’s see if I can remember all the things that got me started in the hair biz...


It had to have been in the good ol’ summer of ’95.  I was just having a delightful time skating the summers away without a care in the world when I met a girl who was way out of my league.  We began dating; she went to Kent State and I practically lived in her dorm.  I’d cut her friends’ hair for fun because, let’s face it, it was the 90’s and that’s what we did.  One day she said “I’m gonna graduate soon, what are you going to do?”  Now being the typical GenX-er, I was going to do whatever I liked, so I suggested, “Professional skateboarder?”  “Hmmm no...why don’t you do hair? You seem to have a knack for it.”


So there it was.  She was a girl out of my league giving me guidance, and because guys listen to girls, I enrolled in the Skelly Beauty Academy the very next day.  The next nine months were something else.  I had broken up with the girl who had told me to do this, but to this day, I thank her for telling me to do so!  I stuck with the course (did a million perms and roller-sets, then promised myself I’d never do another perm again) and had a blast doing it!  Finally, I took my state board exam and became a licensed cosmetologist.


Then I took a job at Dino Palmeiri as a “shampoo girl” (I always wished they would change it to “shampoo person”) and learned how to cut hair - for real.  I spent another grueling nine months taking master-cutting technique classes at night and working under Donna-Marie Kaminsky, whose name still instills fear into some people’s hearts, and who was at the time the best colorist in Cleveland.  She taught me everything I know and implanted some things I still take to heart.  I finally got to actually do clients there for a while until I was transferred to another Dino Palmeiri Salon at Summit Mall in Akron.


But, my dream was to work in Beachwood, styling with the big guys of the hair world.


I was cutting my friend Val’s hair one day when she said she got a job at this new hip salon on Chagrin Blvd. called Funke & Co.  Long story short, she got me an interview, and with her recommendation, I was in!!  Then after a few great years working there, I had to try something else.  I tried a new salon named Wyred About Hair, which didn’t quite work out in the Cleveland area, so I went back to Funke (life lesson:  don’t burn bridges.)  I worked with a great group of people and made lasting friendships, but I still had the need to get out on my own.  Then I finally took the plunge and rented a chair at Beau Coiffure, where I could set my own hours and prices.  What an amazing difference in work environments!  Eventually I was recruited to Hair Loft at the Hamptons, where I spent five years, rented a chair at JO Hair on Chagrin Blvd for a few years, and am now owner of david A. hair salon in Solon!  


This is it, salons where I am my own boss, a place where I’m in control of my prices, my hours, and anything else I want to do!

I am david A., and if you want to look better than your best friend, come to me!





Skelly Beauty Academy

Graham Webb creative team

Rusk Design team

Bumble & Bumble

Vidal Sassoon




My own training using various sources – DVDs, online, etc.


I keep up with current trends or take ideas from them and make it my own, recreating what I see . . . I want to keep hair as my passion!


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