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Renting a booth allows hair professionals to run their own business without the overhead costs and responsibilities of owning an entire salon or worrying about commission rates.  You get a key and are free to come and go as needed!



Our salon has a clean restroom and back room, dedicated waiting and processing areas, retail space, coat room, laundry, and snack bar. 

Established Reputation

david A. Hair has a good reputation in the community.  You can benefit from the existing clientele and positive image.



The salon is situated in a prime location surrounded by popular shoppes (including CosmoProf), great parking, and is easily accessible to clients.



Booth renters have the flexibility to set their own hours and prices, resulting in a great work-life balance.


Professional Environment

A well-maintained, clean, and modern salon environment attracts both professionals and clients.  Plus, there's no drama here!

Networking Opportunities

You'll be working alongside other talented professionals which provides a chance for collaboration and learning from each other.


Marketing Support

david A runs regular marketing campaigns on several platforms that renters can benefit from.


Loyal Client Base

david A. Hair has a regular clientele, and that can mean consistent business for new booth renters when schedules are full.



For many stylists, renting a booth can be more financially viable than opening their own salon or working on commission.


Freedom of Expression

Booth renters  have the liberty to personalize their space, showcase their unique style, and use products they believe in.


Considering these reasons, someone might find the david A. hair salon an appealing place to rent a booth and expand their career in the hair industry.


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